Kaj Stenvall
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Kaj Stenvall
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Artist Kaj Stenvall Crying Out At Harrods
Press Release
4.8.2009 For Immediate Release

Finland’s best known contemporary artist Kaj Stenvall is now the new VEEN Art - artist. Stenvall’s "VEEN Art - Better than a cookie!" painting on VEEN bottles world premiers at Harrods in Knightsbridge, London on 04.08.2009.

The painting is a contribution to the VEEN Art charity collection and is featured on special edition numbered VEEN bottles available exclusively at Harrods, as well as on posters at the VEEN and Stenvall websites.

All funds donated to charity
All funds will be donated for London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in the autumn of 2009. “This is a great opportunity for us to bring joy to so many children, doing what we do best," says Kaj Stenvall.

What is VEEN Art
VEEN Art is a concept featuring famous artists and designers who bring VEEN Water into their creations. The artist has full artistic integrity to complete the work. “We want to create awareness of these notable artists whilst at the same time raising money for good causes,” says , MD of VEEN Waters Finland Oy.

The first VEEN Art exhibition created 10.000 euros for children in Finnish Lapland.

”Better than a cookie!” by Kaj Stenvall
The painting features a duck familiar from Stenvall’s earlier works. Water also plays a leading role and is featured in three forms: in a glass, in the sea and in tears. The tears are there out of pure joy and enjoyment of sipping VEEN. It is hard to say whether the duck is laughing or crying for the water being so smooth.

VEEN Waters Finland Oy
VEEN Waters Finland Lts. is a privately owned company located in the town of Ylitornio in Finnish Lapland. The company was established in December 2006. VEEN is sold worldwide in selected outlets. VEEN Waters Finland Ltd, is a marketing, development and production company that is challenging the beverage industry’s multinational giants with entrepreneurial spirit and Finnish flair.

Further information:
For further information about VEEN Waters please contact Tomi Grönfors on +358 50 365 71 69 or email tomi.gronfors@veenwaters.com

For further information about Harrods Food Halls and Restaurants please contact Hannah Hodges on 020 7893 8155 or email hannah.hodges@harrods.com